Laughter Yoga Indonesia Testimonials


Laughter Yoga can make us happier. When I tried last week together
with my friends, I’ve got the result. I could forget all of my problems.
I felt fresh with all parts of my body, of course for my face :). Furthermore,
I felt relax and had a lot of energy. That’s about the benefit of Laughter Yoga.

- Nevita Tri Rejeki




Laughter yoga teaches us how to laugh again in a
long period ...imagine how we could  keep on
laughing in 10-15 minutes ... that's very amazing.
We could forget all of our problems, felt relieve
& fresh and could felt the bond between friends,
neighbors & family (with the children) and also
expressed ourselves ..

- Janti Djohan





I think LY is very FUN n ENTERTAINING.....I also satisfied because my kids
Diva n Aurel also really enjoy it;)..and I hope we can practice regularly

- Riyesta Dewi Priyani

During the LY session, I felt released, light, and fresh in my mind. And now,
when I feel stressed, spontaneously I chant,’Very good…, very good…, yeaaah….’
Believe it or not, I suddenly feel released….

- Elthaf Hidjaz

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